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Hello there! My name is Alex. I am a former banker with Wells Fargo bank turned web developer. I grew up in the Queen City where I attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I returned to my alma mater, later, to become a web developer.

While I am a full stack web developer, having been exposed to many different technologies on both the client and server side, my primary focus has been on front-end technologies. I work on a number of projects using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, in addition to incorporating different libraries and frameworks. I thoroughly enjoy exploring new languages and refining my own skills. Let's face it, web development really is a moving target and learning never stops!

In my spare time I enjoy giving back to the community and the people of our fair city. I am a volunteer with Code for Charlotte and a staunch advocate for civic tech, open data, open government, and transparency. The experience has been informative, invaluable, and transformative. I recommend that everyone voluteer for a citizen brigade! I also like to ride my bike and take lots of photos.

Alex Murray

Alex Murray

Cultivate the Karass

-Kurt Vonnegut ("Cat's Cradle")

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